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Platform for the integration of Human Factor

Cognitive / Behavioral Assessment and Analysis Platform
for Human being


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From protocol to analysis through observation, Peac²h supports your projects

Protocols design assistance

Defining work area

Identifying protocol

Choosing the evaluation methodology

Selecting the right equipment

Experiments progress

Managing groups of participants

Creation of customizable questionnaires from the test library

Physiological signal pickup and data collection

Analysis of results*

Automated calculation of scales

Automated retrieval for all participants

Simple interpretation via evaluation modules

Adaptable to numerous tools

For Virtual and Augmented Reality

Physiological sensors
(ECG, EEG, …)

Connected objects



* Peac²h guarantees the confidentiality and security of its users’ data

Designed for companies, accessible to laboratories, schools …


Peac²h : all keys to integrate Human being in your projects

Peac²h has been thought and designed to allow you to integrate Human Factor in your projects the easiest way


Human Factor: your major asset

Technological innovation is no longer the only guarantee of a product’s acceptability and success. It is now necessary to consider the quality of its use, which must be pleasant, secure and intuitive to fit naturally into the daily life (and the heart of users) to foster its adoption: this is the User-centred Method.

Integrating Human beings from the design stage of a product or service allows you to understand and consider how he reacts (cognition, behaviour, emotions) in order to optimise the development of your technological innovation. Studying Human beings in interaction with new systems allows you to gather key information for the proper design of your solution. This is particularly true in the field of digital and new technologies.

No matter the technology (application, robot, vehicle, …), focusing the design on the Human beings will improve the product appropriation,  thus contributing to a successful marketing.

Recognised scientific methods

The concept of Human Factor has emerged from a set of disciplines that take into account Human beings in their field of study and development.

From principle to practice, Human Factor takes place in most disciplines (psychology, cognitive sciences, computer science, robotics, digital development, etc.), and specifically in order to understand how Human being reacts, in his daily life or in a specific situation.  Thanks to these results, the experts have been capable of proposing design criteria and methods as well as reliable and valid analysis tools.

Peac²h  provides us with resources arising from these fields of research, from the different models and theories recognized by scientific communities and professionals.


From the understanding of the need to the implementation of User-centred Design methodologies, Peach²h helps you you choose the proper solutions, use the tools or equipment, design tests or interpret results.

With Peac²h, you improve your competence and autonomy for the development of your products and services.

Peac²h : a collaborative and innovative ecosystem

 From an idea to a project, Peac²h allows to coordinate a collaborative ecosystem of companies, industries and laboratories to discuss and share information on User-centered Design and Human Factor. This ecosystem enhances the Human-centered approach and expands the continuous development to keep Peac²h  at the forefront of innovation.

CATIE experts organize events for companies interested in these subjects.
You are a key part of this ecosystem!


Parternships, collaborative projects or services …

Peac²h supports you

Fields of


Human Factor and Cognitive Psychology

Analysis of the user’s cognitive abilities (perception, information processing, …), emotions, etc.

Ergonomics of complex systems

Design criteria, analysis of the activity and professional, social, spatial and organizational contextl

User tests

Needs analysis, uses surveys, simulation with a product or concept, analysis and interpretation of results

Experimental methods

Scientific and technological monitoring, study protocols, behavioural and physiological measurements, realistic immersion, POC development and contextual settings …

Fields of


Training and learning

New training technologies (Virtual and Augmented Reality)

Digital educational content adapted to the User cognitive state



Interaction with an autonomous vehicle

Explainability, collaboration of Artificial Intelligence in the “cockpits of the future”

Tests on simulators

Digital Technologies

Artificial Intelligence for Humans beings,
speech recognition, robotics, professional
digital devices, Industry 4.0, online services,
home automation and connected objects

Human beings in everyday life

Health, embedded monitoring, domestic and professional environments, aging, security, sports and leisure, …

Technical means available

Peac²h is a turnkey web solution that offers simple and automated online support to help you design the evaluation of your tools and services. The platform is based on a set of reliable scientific evaluation methodologies and gives you access to innovative tools to easily integrate User-centered Design in your projects.

In addition to the test library (questionnaires, performances, physiological/behavioural analysis methodologies, video analysis, etc.), Peac²h includes evaluation protocols that have already been developed and tested by other companies. They are pre-recorded, adaptable and reusable in your project.
Thanks to ready-to-use toolboxes, Peac²h also assists you in the analysis and interpretation of the data collected during your experimentation.

We regularly add new methodologies of cognitive and behavioural analysis, coming from our bibliographic resources, scientific and technological monitoring and “field” feedback. This keeps Peac²h  at the forefront of innovation.
The platform also integrates the latest technologies and equipment for User monitoring (eye tracking, movements, heart rate, sweating, connected watch, etc.) and virtual immersion (aeronautical and automotive simulators, virtual / augmented reality helmets, gloves, etc.).

Peac²h is a simple and tailor-made support to guide you in the appropriation of the Human Factor and its integration in your innovation process.

Human Factor, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology,

Virtual / Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, connected objects…


Peac²h brings human being at the core of your projects!

Plateform for sharing experimental protocols

User testing with automatic retrieval of physiological and behavioural data

Empathetic interaction with an autonomous vehicle

Designing an interface that takes into account the passenger’s activity and emotional state to improve his/her confidence and comfort

assessment of learning with digital tool

Analysis of differences in learning performance between “classical” and digital (virtual reality) methods

(Experiment carried out for Altusform on higher education students)

Collaboration with an Artificial Intelligence

Integration of a collaborative AI in an aircraft cockpit to assist pilots during commercial flights

Partnership with an online betting platform

Help to optimize operator performance and improve User experience


Integration of methodological bricks in your protocols (design, evaluation)


User-centered Design accessible to all your projects


Experts and resources available online to support you


Collaborative and innovative to boost the competitiveness of your Human-centered projects.


Within the framework of a European project, AutonomLab asked CATIE to draw up the specifications for a collaborative platform whose aim is to boost innovation in public procurement. Collaborating with CATIE has led us to better define our project; Thanks to their ability to listen and the strength of their proposals, as well as their ability to set down our needs in technical terms, this project has been unanimously validated by our European partners. We are delighted that CATIE and its experts continue to help us choose service providers.

Murielle BOUIN

Managing Director, AutonomLab

The Cognitic group of the IMS laboratory has been working for several years in collaboration with CATIE. This synergy has brought a mutual skill improvement regarding Human Factor and the use of technologies. We still trust CATIE and are still partners in several European and industrial projects.  Set up by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, CATIE is a unique resource to support us at the line between academic research and business.

Jean-Marc ANDRE

Head of Cognitic and Human Engineering laboratory, IMS

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The Peac²h platform has been created by CATIE, a technology transfer centre that assists start-ups, SMEs and intermediate size companies
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